LRAD Mass Notification & Life Safety Systems

LRAD 360Xm

Clear & Reliable Mass Notification & Public Address

Portable Indoor/Outdoor Clear Voice System

Featuring LRAD’s industry-leading voice intelligibility and reliability, every word in an LRAD 360Xm broadcast is clearly heard and understood throughout localized or large areas. The LRAD 360Xm safely delivers P.A. and emergency broadcasts with unsurpassed clarity and range in uniform 360° coverage.

The small, lightweight system does not require heavy equipment and takes only a few minutes to set up and operate. The LRAD 360Xm can also be installed on buildings and existing light poles. Designed for fixed or mobile installation in smaller areas such as courtyards, parking lots, parks and recreational facilities, the 360Xm is also ideal for rapid deployment during military exercises, at industrial facilities and construction sites, and for activities such as festivals, parades and sporting events. During emergency operations, the LRAD 360Xm is an optimal communications solution for first responders.

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